Welcome to GREAP a comprehensive human genomic region sets enrichment analysis platform.

  • GREAP aims to document a large number of available resources of human genomic region sets and to provide annotation and enrichment analysis of region lists submitted by users.GREAP supports 85,370 genomic region sets involved in 11 categories (ChromHMM state, TF, TcoF, Histone modification, Accessible Chromatin, Enhancer, Super Enhancer, SNP, Methylation, LncRNA, mRNA) and 454 sub-categories, which covered over 634,681,107 regions. Moreover, we provide two region enrichment analysis methods: (i) Hypergeometric test, a common enrichment analysis method which is frequently cited, (ii) Locus Overlap Analysis (LOLA) uses Fisher's exact test with false discovery rate correction to assess the significance of overlap in each pairwise comparison.
    Importantly, GREAP provides annotation and enrichment analysis functions of genomic region sets. In addition, GREAP provides a user-friendly interface to search, browse and visualize detailed information about these genomic region sets. In summary, GREAP is a powerful platform that provides a variety of types of genomic region sets for users and supports genomic region annotation and enrichment analysis functions.

Data statistical table
Data class Set Number of region
ChromHMM 1,900 55,502,957
TF 5,056 54,910,288
TcoF 1,946 20,200,723
Histone 1,449 175,953,536
ATAC 2,986 51,964,468
Enhancer 543 6,621,919
Super Enhancer 641 396,631
SNP 11,652 34,986,456
Methylation 360 52,300,833
LncRNA 1,956 73,119
mRNA 5,6881 1,420,785
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